Iced Tea Month

June 13, 2021
June Ice Tea Month

June is National Iced Tea Month! The United States has had a long love affair with iced tea. We have been using this cold beverage to beat the summer heat since the early 19th century. It’s likely that iced tea existed even before the 19th century, but it wasn’t widely recorded until later on. The first known recipe describing iced tea appeared in 1878, in the Buckeye Cookbook by Estelle Woods Wilcox. Back then, it was commonly referred to as a “punch.” Iced tea had a particularly strong hold on the southeastern United States, where it became a staple drink during the warmer months. Sweet iced tea is still one of the most popular drinks in North Carolina, and it’s easy to see why! When temperatures start heating up, there is little more refreshing than a tall glass of iced tea.

Believe or not, a lot of the initial iced tea recipes in the United States were made with green tea. Black tea overtook green tea in popularity in the mid-1900s. The most popular varieties of tea used in the sweet tea of today are Ceylon, Assam, and Kenyan. Flavored iced tea is commonly thought of as a recent trend, but many iced tea recipes of the past called for additional flavorings and juices. These days, most people enjoy their iced tea with a touch of lemon, but flavors such as peach and ginger are quickly gaining in popularity as well.

Personally, we have an entire library of iced tea flavors that we love. Are you acquainted with your favorites yet? National Iced Tea Month is the perfect opportunity to find your new icy beverage beloved. Here are 5 of our National Iced Tea Month favorites this year:

Apricot Iced Tea


The creamy layer of fruitiness and the smooth blend of black tea have made this tea a leading favorite for many years. If you’re already a fan of peach iced tea, you will love our Apricot black tea blend. The delicate apricot flavor of this tea translates perfectly into a frosty cup of sweet iced tea. Fill up a water bottle for hiking, serve it on a hot summer evening alongside hamburgers and hotdogs, or simply keep a pitcher in your fridge for when you’re craving it. Apricot is always one of our go-to iced teas.


Our Starburst tea is a naturally sweet blend of green tea, papaya, mango, and starfruit. This tropical combo makes for a heavenly summer treat when served over ice. The mellow flavors of starfruit mixed with the tangy mango and papaya blend well with the slightly sweet green tea. This tea is pleasantly sweet on its own, but a pinch of sugar draws another layer of flavor out. Starburst has a unique flavor profile and it’s the perfect chill-out drink for when you’re suffering from the summer blues (or just suffering from a muggy day). If there’s one tea that you’ve got to try during National Iced Tea Month, it’s Starburst.

Rooibos Orange Peppermint
If you’re someone who enjoys iced tea at night, rooibos is a great caffeine-free option. Our Rooibos Orange Peppermint blend packs a perfect level of sweetness. The citrus and mint flavors work surprisingly well together and give this tea an extra icy kick. The lingering cool mint aftertaste makes an iced Rooibos Orange Peppermint the perfect drink to beat the summer heat with.

Mugicha (Barley Tea)
Barley Tea is one of the most popular summer drinks in Japan. Almost every family in Japan has a batch of barley tea sitting in the refrigerator throughout the summer and it’s sold by the gallon at Japanese supermarkets. This caffeine-free option is perfect for people who prefer tea with a savory flavor and less sweetness. When iced, barley tea hydrates and refreshes. Because of this, it is extremely prevalent at sporting events in Japan. Some Japanese athletes claim that a chilled glass of barley tea rejuvenates the body more than a simple glass of ice water. Considering some research points to barley tea improving blood circulation, that claim may have some truth to it.

Mango Tango

As a purely fruit-based tea, Mango Tango is also an excellent caffeine-free option. This tea is absolutely bursting with tangy flavor and tastes like summertime! This is the perfect drink to take with you to the pool or to enjoy while on a daytime stroll. The flavor profile is deliciously tangy — not too tart, not too sweet. Bold flavors of mango, orange, and pineapple shine through every sip. If you’re looking for something over-the-top fruity for National Iced Tea Month, this is the one. 

Happy National Iced Tea Month! Take a stand against the summer heat with a tall, frosty glass of tea. We’re looking forward to celebrating with you and continuing our long-term tradition of serving up iced tea excellence.