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Tea News

  1. Japanese Teapot

    Know Your Brew: Black Pearl Tea

    You don’t need to crack open a clam to find your new favorite pearl. It’s waiting for you at your local neighborhood tea shop!  Black pearl tea is a fantastic type of tea that deserves to be more well-known than it is. It’s delicious and creates a rich experience for hot and cold tea drinkers. […]

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  2. Can Tea Help Reduce Blood Pressure?

    Can Tea Help Reduce Blood Pressure?

    Every great beach bod needs healthy blood pressure—and regularly drinking tea can help you obtain it.  While that may sound like something a tea shoppe would say, there are scientific reasons for saying tea can contribute to a healthy lifestyle beyond just helping you lose weight. Tea can help you support healthy blood pressure to […]

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  3. Teas for the Summer

    The Best Teas for Summertime

    Why A Hot Beverage is Exactly What You Need During the Hottest Months of the Year We know it sounds crazy but hear us out: the best way to keep cool during summer is serving yourself a cup of hot tea. No, you didn’t misread that previous sentence. There are good reasons to drink hot […]

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  4. The Hygge Lifestyle

    You’ve likely seen this word in blogs, on Instagram, or heard it in your social circles. But what is it? Hygge (pronounced “hyoo-guh”) is a Danish concept driven on finding comfort, coziness, peace, well-being, and warmth, in simple, soothing things. Of course, this notion is completely subjective, because what’s comforting and peaceful to one person […]

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  5. Kombucha

    Why Is Kombucha So Popular?

    Kombucha is a naturally fizzy drink that provides an energy boost and purportedly brings a bounty of health benefits to those who make a regular habit of drinking it. It is typically described as having a tart, slightly sweet taste. The practice of making kombucha, which involves fermenting the tea with the help of a […]

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  6. June Ice Tea Month

    Iced Tea Month

    June is National Iced Tea Month! The United States has had a long love affair with iced tea. We have been using this cold beverage to beat the summer heat since the early 19th century. It’s likely that iced tea existed even before the 19th century, but it wasn’t widely recorded until later on. The first […]

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  7. Kouridashi Iced Tea Method

    The Kouridashi Iced Tea Method

    Water quality, temperature, and length of steeping are all factors that influence the flavor profile of a cup of tea. These are details we typically keep in mind when preparing a hot cup of tea. But did you know that these factors affect the flavor of iced tea just as much? How to best brew […]

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  8. Tea Drinking and Alergies

    Do Tea Drinking Habits Help Allergies?

    The onset of allergy season means an onslaught of sniffly noses, headaches, and itchy eyes. Fighting back against allergy symptoms can be exhausting. Fortunately, establishing healthy habits can do a lot to protect our bodies against seasonal allergies. Recent studies suggest that drinking tea regularly helps individuals build up a steady defense against pesky allergens. […]

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  9. Tea and Weight Loss


    by: Jordyn King, Guest Blogger Teas and Me  My name is Jordyn King and I am currently a graduate student at Meredith College in the Concentration of Dietetics in Raleigh, North Carolina soon to be, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I believe in holistic and alternative approaches to increasing individuals’ health and wellness in their daily habits […]

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  10. Tea in the 19th Century

    Tea and Social Class in 19th Century England

    Often when we think of “high tea,” we envision gatherings of British aristocrats in extravagant 19th century dress, gossiping around spreads of embellished tea sets and decadent pastries. This is actually a misconception. The word “high” in “high tea” is often associated with “high class” or “high status.” In reality, “afternoon tea” was tea time […]

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