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Kyusu Tea Pots

Kyusu Tea Pots: One of the first items I wanted to bring into the shop whenever we opened, going on ten years now, was a kyusu teapot. I enjoyed the design and the craftmanship of the pot and felt it would add a very unique aspect to our classic teapot collection. Over the years it […]

What are the Health Benefits of Sassafras?

What are the Health Benefits of Sassafras? Root Beer tea seems to be a very popular brew this time of year. Shaken and poured over ice, this tea creates the perfect root beer head, due to all of the volatile oils that are found within the roots that make up the tea. What makes Root […]

Bergamot: The Secret of Earl Grey

Bergamot: The Secret of Earl Grey: One of our most popular line of teas at the shop would have to be Earl Grey. Hands down. Earl Grey would not be Earl Grey without the addition of bergamot oil. What is bergamot oil? Other than it being used for tea, does it also have a beneficial […]

Infused Honeys

Infused Honeys. Honey is natures way of adding a little bit of sweetness to our day. Honey is not only delicious in food, but also has antibacterial properties. For example, if you burn yourself a little bit of raw honey makes for an excellent natural poultice. Once raw honey hits your skin, it becomes hydrogen […]

What is Rooibos?

What is Rooibos? One of our most popular herbs in our arsenal would have to be Rooibos or red tea. The herb is packed full of medicinal properties and can be found in Southern Africa, outside of the Cederberg Mountain Range. It’s a close cousin of Honeybush which can also be found in the same […]

Linden: An Herb Overlooked

Linden: An Herb Overlooked. At Tin Roof Teas, we have a lot of individuals that are looking for sleep aids, and herbs that assist in the relief of anxiety. Of course, we have Kava Kava and Valerian Root, but one herb that flies under the radar is Linden. It could be that Linden is lost […]

What is Shincha?

What is Shincha? “Shin” means new, and “Cha” means tea. Shincha, often called the first flush tea, is made from the tea picked during the first harvest in the spring. A lot of Shincha is grown in southern regions such as Kagoshima, Uchimaki, Honyama, Makinohara, in the Shizuoka Prefecture. The first harvest of the year, […]

The Health Benefits of Hibiscus?

The Health Benefits of Hibiscus? The hibiscus plant grows in most of the tropical environments around the world and are often grown alongside peanuts. Hibiscus tea is extremely popular in countries like India, Mexico, Latin America, North Africa and Jamaica. The tea for the most part is taken orally and had been found to cure […]

Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon Bitter melon is a tropical/subtropical herbaceous plant that is a member of the cucumber/squash family. The fruit is also thought to be the most bitter fruit in the world, hence the name. The fruit is widely grown and cultivated in Southeast Asia, China, Africa, and the Caribbean. Seeds leaves and vines have been […]

Tea & Ayurveda: A Gleaning

Tea & Ayurveda: A Gleaning If you have come into the tea shop and looked at the wall behind the counter, you will notice a color-coded array of boxes containing the yearly catalog of our tea collection. Perhaps you have heard us explaining it? “Green boxes are green teas, blues are white teas…and orange are […]