Featured Tea: Mirabelle

June 29, 2023

We’ve got a magical new tea to introduce to you (and depending on whom you ask, the magic might be real). 

Mirabelle is one of our favorite green teas for the summer months. It’s light, fruity, and a fantastic option for celebrating National Iced Tea Month! But where does Mirabelle come from? What does it taste like? And if you’re so inclined, how should you prepare it? 

Let’s not waste any further time answering those questions.  

What is Mirabelle? 

Mirabelle plums overwhelmingly hail from the Lorraine province of France. According to French Moments, Lorraine has the ideal soil in which these trees can grow. That said, the trees won’t produce plums for around 8 years or so. (Both people and nature put in a lot of work and patience to make this drink for us.) 

The tree was introduced to France in the 15th century, but local legends credit the hospitality of Princess Mira for making the trees possible. According to these stories, Mira showed kindness to an old woman who turned out to be a fairy in disguise. As a thank-you for the princess’ kindness, the fairy turned the trees in the area into the fruit-bearing wonders we enjoy today. 

When they’ve ripened, Mirabelle plums are small and bright yellow—a perfect color for the summer months! They’re also a fantastic fruit to use in the making of tarts and jams. 

How You Should Prepare Mirabelle Tea 

Mirabelle tea is a green tea containing mango flakes, white cornflower, and marigold blossoms. It’s sweet, juicy, and easy to make. (No fairies required.) 

For hot tea, we recommend steeping your water at 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Add 8 grams of the tea to your cup, and let it sit for at least two minutes before taking a sip. As always, add whatever you feel would complement your tea best—but we encourage you to try it without additives at least one time to fully experience the flavor. 

If you’re as excited about National Iced Tea Month as we are, then we suggest you follow the guidelines in this post to prepare your tea. You can use two different steeping methods and include exciting complements like citrus or mint. 

Mirabelle is Ready for You to Try 

We have Mirabelle tea for sale on our website and in our store. One of our tea experts on site can tell you more about this delicious drink and the various ways you can experiment with it. You’ll be glad you gave it a shot.