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Passion for Tea

Website Tea Garden 2Are you looking for high quality loose leaf tea?  Tin Roof Teas holds one of the largest collections of premium tea consistently fresh and available.  With an inventory exceeding 250 teas including more than 30 World Tea Expo winners and over 50 varieties of organic herbs & herb blends, you may have just stumbled upon tea heaven.

Founded in 2009, Tin Roof Teas grew out of the Hinson family’s passion for tea and a strong desire to provide the world’s finest teas, teaware, and honey to North Carolina and beyond.  In addition to our teas, we carry an extensive selection of local, regional, & international natural raw honeys with tips on how to pair them with your tea.  We spend a lot of time tasting and getting to know our teas and honeys and take great pride in providing the highest quality products, customer satisfaction & education.

Enough about us—let’s talk about you.  Whether you are a novice or connoisseur, you will most certainly find the perfect tea(s) to suit your needs!

Our Staff

Ryan Hinson Manager

Ryan became fascinated with tea about seven years ago. He used to have trouble sleeping and started drinking Celestial Seasoning’s teas. Before long he had collected quite the teabag selection for the pantry. From there he started reading books and articles concerning all things tea. He found the subject of tea and the way it has nurtured human history very intriguing. The medicinal aspect of the brew would come in a bit later. He started purchasing loose leaf soon after and left the pre-bag scene behind for a higher quality product. At this time he and his brother Richard had discussed going into business together and since he was so passionate about tea, he put a packet together for him (Richard) to review and see if there was any future potential in a teashop. So, they hooked up with TeaGschwendner a few months later and within the year, they had opened our shop. Unfortunately, the TeaGschwendner marriage didn’t last but ten months, and from there they decided to go at it alone. Tin Roof Teas was born soon after.

Julia Swithers Tea Consultant

Coming Soon.

Dallas Nguyen Tea Consultant

For Dallas growing up in the South meant always having Lipton in the cupboard. It wasn’t until her boyfriend, now husband, took her into a teashop that her strong passion and quest for knowledge about tea was ignited. Now, Dallas gains great pleasure in sharing her love for tea and culture with anyone who’d like to learn more. She can empathize with the neophyte, as she remembers what it was like to be clueless about tea, but now receives great satisfaction from helping anyone dive into the world of high-quality, loose leaf tea. Whether at a gaming event or sitting around the family dinner table, you will always find her sharing a fresh steeping of tea!