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  1. White Lotus Fruit Tea

    Spotlight Tea: White Lotus Fruit Tea

    The white lotus flower stands for a fresh start—and we’ve got a tea that will make you feel like you’ve got a new lease on life.   White Lotus Fruit Tea […]

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  2. Huckleberries

    Tea Profile: “I’m Your Huckleberry”

    Looking for the perfect summer drink? We’ve got one that will—quite literally—be your huckleberry.  “I’m Your Huckleberry” is a sweet and slightly tart addition to your personal summer menu while […]

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  3. Sticky Rice

    Introduction: Sticky Rice Oolong 

    If oolong tea was good enough for an emperor, then it’s good enough for you.  Oolong has always held a special place in the history of tea, right next to […]

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  4. Tea Lovers Ultimate Gift Guide

    The Ultimate Gift Guide for Tea Lovers

    Looking for a gift for your favorite tea enthusiast? From pots to boat-shaped infusers, we’ve got you covered. As we approach the holidays, you may be looking for gift ideas […]

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  5. Alarm Clock and Tea

    When is the Right Time to Drink Tea?

    We want our readers to enjoy tea, which is why we’re here to tell you there are better times during the day to drink it than others. You read that […]

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  6. Black Tea

    Colombian Black Tea

    Wouldn’t it be cool to tell your friends you got your tea from a volcanic mountain range?   Sure, they’d be impressed (and maybe a little concerned about why you went […]

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  7. Lavender

    Drink Your Way to a Better Sleep…With Tea

    Get ready for a blog post that’ll put you to sleep (in a good way, we promise)! Many people want to know if tea can improve their quality of sleep. […]

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  8. Oolong Tea

    Does Tea Go Bad?

    How can you tell if your tea has gone bad? This is the question that haunts our worst nightmares, and it’s probably a situation you’ve found yourself in at some […]

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  9. Two Types of Honey Perfect for Your Next Cup

    Part of being a tea lover is knowing what to pair with your favorite beverage—and that’s why we’re thrilled to talk about honey.  We sell many types of honey, but […]

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  10. Japanese Teapot

    Know Your Brew: Black Pearl Tea

    You don’t need to crack open a clam to find your new favorite pearl. It’s waiting for you at your local neighborhood tea shop!  Black pearl tea is a fantastic […]

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