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Apricot: Simplicity and Elegance in a Cup

This is an elegant black tea with a “warm,” nutty flavor that carries a hint of apricot. Due to its reputation as a great-tasting and likeable black tea, it has become a staple at tea parties. Many aromatic teas have complex flavor profiles with loud, vibrant overtones. That is not the case with this tea. This tea gets its fruitiness from real apricot pieces and just a pinch of natural flavoring, so the essence of fruit does not overwhelm the taste of the tea. These neutral and not-too-pushy fruity notes make it a popular option for everyone. The resulting brew is pleasantly and refreshingly simple!

  • China
  • Light and nutty from the China OP black tea with just a hint of apricot sweetness.
  • Medium
  • China OP black tea, apricot pieces, natural flavor.

Brewing Guide

1 tsp./8oz.
4-5 min


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