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Bossa Nova

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100g$0.45 a cup$18.25
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(2 customer reviews)

Bossa Nova combines sweet hazelnut and vanilla to compliment and enhance the oolong’s roasted notes, delivering a scrumptious cup of tea. Finished with real hazelnut pieces, this brew is sure to please.

  • A partially oxidized Ti Kuan Yin with light notes of caramel and coffee, punctuate an undeniable presence of hazelnut and vanilla. Very smooth.
  • Medium
  • Oolong tea, hazelnut pieces, natural flavor.

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
3-4 min

2 reviews for Bossa Nova

  1. Elizabeth P

    I recently went in to see the selection of teas, and I purchased a cup of Bossa Nova. It was an excellent choice for walking around Cameron village on a chilly night. There were wonderful hazelnut notes throughout, and the subtle vanilla made for a tasty treat!

  2. Rebecca

    This tea is fabulous iced or hot! It is one of my top picks. My favorite part is the little bits of actual hazelnut! I also like that the leaves open up as it brews.

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