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Starburst: A Green Tea Blend Bursting with Fresh Papaya, Mango, and Starfruit

Our Starburst tea uses starfruit blended with fresh papaya and mango on a green tea base. Due to the natural sweetness of the green tea, the exotic flavors of this three-fruit combo really shine! Together, they make for a refreshing, delicious, and truly thirst-quenching tea! Though it tastes great brewed hot, this is one tea that you need to try iced. There’s nothing quite like the essence of starfruit and the satisfying taste of premium green tea made into an icy, summer drink. With the slices of starfruit and colorful fruit cubes, this is one of our most visually interesting teas! It makes a fantastic gift.

  • Low-medium
  • Chinese Sencha green tea, mango cubes, orange peel, mango cubes and flakes, freeze-dried starfruit slices, safflower, natural flavor.

Brewing Guide

1 tsp./8oz.
2-3 min.

1 review for Starburst

  1. Anna

    Delicious. The fruit flavor is distinct without overwhelming the green tea flavor. This tea is fantastic hot or iced. I even mixed it into a summertime cocktail with bourbon and apricot brandy.

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