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Japanese Gojiberry

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100g$0.37 a cup$15.75
250g$0.35 a cup$36.15
500g$0.33 a cup$68.29
(5 customer reviews)

Our Japanese Gojiberry is a blend of juicy Gojiberry, blueberry, and pomegranate flavors that play the lead rolls in this green tea master piece.

  • Sweet, tart berries, backed by light floral lemon notes. The array of complex flavors are rounded off with a full-bodied Sencha green tea base.
  • Low
  • Japanese Sencha green tea, gojiberries, lemongrass, pomegranate arils, cornflowers blossoms, natural flavor.

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
2-3 min

5 reviews for Japanese Gojiberry

  1. Carlton T

    This is my favorite. I use a bit more tea per cup than suggested but it is worth it. I love the melody of flavors. Nice to have a place to get unusual blends that rouse the taste buds.

  2. Patricia R

    My daughter gave me this tea as a gift. The aroma is so pleasant and calming. It is a very light tea and a joy to drink.

  3. Laura Stanberry

    Got this in a team sampler pack for Christmas. Oh my goodness what a delightful blend. The aroma is so pleasant. I paired it with some caramel Honey. Needless to say I may have to travel across town soon.

  4. Roberts

    The first thing I noticed was the aroma. It is very delightful even under wrap of the packet and the tin container. Then the taste. It was light and more on tart side although very subtle. Very nice!

  5. charlece44

    My partner and I absolutely love this tea. This was the tea that actually converted my partner into a tea lover like myself. We initially purchased the 100g sizing, but we ran through that too quickly, so we made the 500g size on our next purchase. For sizing comparison, the 100g resembles 2 sticks of butter stuck together, whereas the 500g looks like a few bricks together (without the heavy weight). We usually brew the tea in a french press since it is the perfect amount for 2 people. The flavor is fine when you follow the 1 heaping tsp per 8oz water, but my partner and I prefer to double that sizing since it enhances the flavor. We also pair it with 1 sachet of a stevia/monkfruit sweetener (approx. 1/2 tsp) and it turns out wonderful. Definitely don’t let the tea steep for longer than maybe 5 mins because the tea will become too bitter that sweeteners won’t help. I hope this helps future buyers

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