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Moongold Oolong

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500g$0.41 a cup$81.65
250g$0.43 a cup$43.23
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Our Moongold Oolong is a delightful paring of sweet, succulent golden-orange apricots and a floral green oolong.

  • Low-medium
  • oolong tea, apricot, natural flavor.

Brewing Guide

1 tsp./8oz.
3 min.

1 review for Moongold Oolong

  1. Domonique

    Since moving back to NC, I hadn’t found a local tea spot that satisfied me until my boss introduced me to TRT and Moongold Oolong. I keep one container in the office and one at home because it’s become a staple of my day. It has refreshing hints of mango so I don’t need to add any sweetener and it has caffeine so it gives me that morning perk without the crash later! I’ll also have a cup after lunch to calm my sweet tooth. Give it a try!

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