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Huang Jin Gui Oolong

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Grown at high elevations in Fujian Province in China, this sumptuous, crisp, green oolong has complex character, opening with fruit tones and finishing with sweet floral notes and a hint of honey.

  • Fujian Province, China
  • A mild smooth floral taste, a strong sweet flowery aroma, and a pleasant lasting aftertaste of vanilla.
  • Low-Medium

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
2-3 min

1 review for Huang Jin Gui Oolong

  1. MAH

    Very nice afternoon tea. I can pick up on the floral notes pretty obvious, but I had to heat the water to over 190°. My late grandmother kept roses and other fragrant flowers in her home, this is what it reminded me of. I also heated it another time but at a lower temperature, around 180°, and the floral notes weren’t really there. But that does does not take away from the overall flavor. I did not pick up any vanilla nor honey on the aftertaste at either temperature. Nevertheless I do recommend this tea even if you are not a “floral” type. Just don’t heat the water terribly high and you’ll be good.

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