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China Milky Oolong

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(4 customer reviews)

Our China Milky Oolong is probably one of the most unusual tea specialties in terms of production, as well as character.   This Oolong is produced almost entirely by hand in the Province of Fujian, China. Immediately after withering, the still moist leaves are heated shortly in milk water steam, which conserves the pretty, lightly olive-green leaf and cup color and invokes the distinctive creamy scent and taste. This is one of our best-selling Oolongs!

  • Fujian Province, China
  • Milky sweet aroma of coconut milk, with a smooth, sweet lingering finish.
  • Medium

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
2.5 min

4 reviews for China Milky Oolong

  1. Rebecca

    If you have never tried a milk oolong, I highly reccomend it! I drink this nearly every morning. It’s just a hint of milk and creaminess in a very good, high-quality oolong tea. Delicious!

  2. Linda

    One of my very favorite hot teas. Milky sweet aroma of coconut milk. Spouse likes it plain while I add a touch of light colored honey and a quick dab of milk to add extra creaminess. It is steamed over milk which is why it is so smooth.

  3. Wyatt

    This is an amazing tea! It is creamy and smooth. This is the first milk oolong I have ever had but I now know that I like them. The aroma is delightful and the taste is even better in my opinion. I enjoy this with nothing added, I find that the buttery notes are enough for me. Steep this for many times and enjoy!

  4. Sam

    This tea is fantastic. Top notch. I know what their brewing guide says but if anyone does Gongfu brewing style I have found a 20sec wash at 80C, and then subsequent steeps at 80C for 30sec really brings out amazing flavor.
    Bottom line: Buy this tea, drink it however you drink it. You won’t regret it

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