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Irish Rum Cream

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(2 customer reviews)

Our Irish Rum Cream is a blend of strong black tea with a hint of rum for pep and sweet creamy flavor to round it off.  Light notes of coconut are present.

  • Notes of coconut with a hint of rum, backed by a smooth and creamy black tea blend.
  • Medium-high
  • Ceylon black tea, coconut shreds, wild strawberry leaves, safflower, natural flavor.

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
4-5 min

2 reviews for Irish Rum Cream

  1. Laura

    Just ok. Was expecting a more creamy tea.

  2. Kat K

    Cozied up to a cup while watching Claire and Jamie in Outlander. Perfect way to spend a fall or winter afternoon. A comforting cup that goes well with any day.

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