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Green Monkey (Lu Hou)

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Harvest 2016. The varietal that makes Green Monkey is a slow growing, prized bush that grows at higher elevations. Locally known as “Monkey” tea, this green “fresh tea” is grown wild (no rows, no cultivation) and then made to local custom with little processing of the leaf. Grown at an elevation of 800 meters, the leaf is processed to the point where the natural aromas and tastes are preserved and readied for consumption. The natural strength of the varietal comes through as a result in its taste. It is strong! The leaf is loosely rolled and shows a rich-green coloration. It is wok-fired in the San Bei Xiang style of Fujian Province which gives the leaves variations in color and toasty aromas.

  • Fujian Province - China
  • The flavors will progress from asparagus to citrus in the finish.
  • Low

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8 oz
2 min.


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