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Empress Green

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Empress Green – superior green tea – strong and naturally sweet. There is a class of teas in China that are harvested in the spring and processed according to local customs that often result in exceptional and unusual teas. Rarely exported and typically sold locally, these “fresh teas” are often made with varietals that have, in time, adapted to the terrier and, as a result, have taste characteristics unique to the area. Each year, with some luck, we are invited to meet with a long time supplier, now retired, who grows select lots of white, green and black teas in this style. Empress green is a made from the Mei Zhan varietal which grows at an elevation of about 800 to 900 meters. It is a slow growing varietal, strong, and requires a deft hand in processing. The farm operates using organic practices.

  • China
  • The leaves offer a heightened, sweet aroma. It is more naturally sweet than vegetal in flavor. Steeped, the taste is nuanced, offering some light grassy notes along with just a hint of astringency.
  • Low-medium

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8 oz
2 min


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