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China Gunpowder (Organic)

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100g$0.31 a cup$14.00
250g$0.29 a cup$33.17
500g$0.27 a cup$62.65
(2 customer reviews)

Our China Gunpowder “Temple of Heaven” tea features a very tightly rolled ball, which is also a sign of quality. The aroma is softer than that of the standard quality and less bitter. This tea may be enjoyed at any time of the day. If you still find the brew too tangy, try pouring away the first brew and taste the second. Most of the caffeine content will also be eliminated this way.

  • Zhejiang Province, China
  • The charred, barely vegetal flavor of heavily grilled leeks.
  • Low

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
2-3 min

2 reviews for China Gunpowder (Organic)

  1. Blake

    This is by far one of the highest quality green teas I have ever consumed. I am very pleased with this purchase

  2. MAH

    The dry leaves smelled like standard green tea, which is perfectly fine. After brew, I did nose the spent leaves and I got a hint of burnt something, so that was interesting. It’s called gunpowder for a reason I guess. Drank it straight (no sweetener nor cream), brewed according to instructions. Pretty good easy flavor but with a slight vegetal/astringent finish that seems to last several seconds. Didn’t get the burnt/char on the palate as the description says. If you like green tea, this might be worth considering. While I don’t think it’s mindbogglingly great, it’s definitely an above average green tea that can be enjoyed anytime of day (low caffeine) that’s also a good price. Worth trying no doubt.

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