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Moroccan Mint

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100g$0.34 a cup$15.25
250g$0.32 a cup$36.15
500g$0.31 a cup$68.29
(5 customer reviews)

Our Moroccan Mint green tea takes you on a journey to arid North Africa with this classic pairing of sweet spearmint and select Chinese gunpowder green tea. At once cool and invigorating, it is not hard to see why this minty treat is a staple of the Sahara.

  • Sweet notes of spearmint, cap off a base of Chinese gunpowder green tea.
  • Low
  • Chinese gunpowder green tea, spearmint oil, Egyptian mint.

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
2 min

5 reviews for Moroccan Mint

  1. Nathan B

    This is one of my favorite teas.
    It’s a nice relaxing and refreshing tea.
    I only get my Moroccan tea from Tin Roof Teas.

  2. Tobias

    WOW, What a nice refreshing beverage. New to Tea, have always been a caffeine imbiber. I purchased the smaller quantity/bag of your 1580 Moroccan Mint; being new to teas, I have no knowledge of such; What other teas are similar or along the lines of the Moroccan tea I purchased? perhaps you might consider putting together a sample of your teas, perhaps about a fourth the size of the bag I purchased, or perhaps three ‘tea bags of each tea in the eight categories on your ’Our Teas’ page; This would also make a pretty good give idea/item, especially around the holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays …

  3. Missy

    This is a good example of a moroccan mint. It sweet from the mints. The base is exactly what I expected. I think this one may be heavier on the spearmint than I’m used to. I feel like this is a smoother version.

  4. Carolyn K

    My go-to tea to soothe a iffy tummy or just to relax after a hectic day.

  5. Cameron Kempson

    A devoted green tea drinker, I have found this a great new addition as one of my “regulars” in my tea cabinet. Lovely flavor hot or iced.

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