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Ginseng Oolong

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When processed, the ginseng tea is rolled and dried into deep green spheres. A sign of a good Ginseng Oolong is that when brewed, these spheres will open up to reveal tender oolong leaves, something lower qualities won’t do. Ginseng oolong is also very good for you. Aside from being refreshing and good for weight loss, another lofty benefit ascribed to the tea in Chinese medicine is the ability to prolong life and prevent coronary heart disease. The most interesting thing about ginseng oolong is that it was once the common drink of the imperial palace courtyard.

  • Formosa - Modern day Taiwan
  • Strong mesmerizing aroma, rich crisp oolong taste with a pleasing ginseng aftertaste.
  • Medium

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
3-4 min

1 review for Ginseng Oolong

  1. Rhonda

    My daughter introduced me to Ginseng Oolong tea and I love it. Rich soothing flavor.

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