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Black Pearl (Organic) 250g.

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Our Black Pearl is made using a 1st grade organic black leaf. The pluck standard is gold buds and early-pick leaves. Tea was harvested in the 2020 harvest season. Pearl is approx. 0.6″ in size. Note, the leaves are tightly rolled and slow to unfurl. Located in the Wuliang Mountains near Zhengwan village in south western Yunnan Province. The elevation of the farm is approximately 1300 meters. Each pearl weighs 5 grams.

Black teas from Yunnan Province are widely recognized for their sweet, malty flavors and enticing aromas. Ever inventive, our tea maker has taken 1st grade leaves and rolled them into pearls of flavor.






  • Southwestern Yunnan Province, China
  • Red-orange liquid offers hint of marmalade. Mouthfeel is round and slightly sweet. Aromas include ripe apricot and exotic wood. Offers a long, rich comforting finish.
  • Medium

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8 oz
2-4 min


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