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Guayusa v/s Yerba Mate?

Guayusa v/s Yerba Mate? What is guayusa (pronounced gwy-yoo-suh), also known as “Night Watchman’s Tea”? It’s a member of the holly family, and it’s Equador’s version of yerba mat’e, providing a similar caffeine jolt that you would find in Yerba, but without the pronounced bitterness found in yerba. Guayusa has a very mild flavor, similar […]

What is Shade-Grown Tea?

What is Shade-Grown Tea? The shade-growing method was developed at the end of the Edo era, in the 1860’s. About three weeks before the May harvest, the gardens are shaded over. They were once covered in rice straw, but todays growers use a black plastic mesh or tana. Some of loose leaf green teas from […]

Can Tea Make Your Tummy Flat?

Can Tea Make Your Tummy Flat? Summertime is officially here! That means beach season! It’s officially the time of year that millions of people come to the slow realization that they’ve been slacking on their New Year’s resolution—you know, that one resolution that THIS will be the year to rock that perfect beach body. Unfortunately, […]

What is Tulsi/Holy Basil?

Holy Basil has been revered for its medicinal value throughout India for thousands of years. Ayurvedic texts describe Holy Basil as a pillar of holistic herbal medicine and a plant that was incarnated from a goddess in plant form. Many traditional Hindus place the cherished plant within the courtyard of their home, and the plant […]

Why does honey crystallize?

Why does honey crystallize? In the back of Tin Roof Teas, you will find our ever-expanding honey section. Raw honeys with very distinctive flavors, and origins. Being the honey is raw, we play havoc trying to keep the golden liquid fluid. No one really wants to buy a honey that is beginning to crystallize, but […]

Carolina Ceramics and Stoneware Spotlight

Carolina Ceramics and Stoneware Spotlight The tradition of pottery has long been entrenched in the culture of the Carolinas. The Carolina potters of today maintain on a legacy of unique craftsmanship and diverse pottery techniques that have carried on for centuries. Community-focused thinking and interest in local community values have recently resurged in North Carolina. […]

The Ever-Reliable Brown Betty Teapot

The Ever-Reliable Brown Betty Teapot A Brown Betty teapot is a staple in any tea lover’s ceramic collection. Originally manufactured in the 1800s to be an inexpensive but reliable household teapot, in recent years the Brown Betty has become a beloved collector’s item. Still produced in Stoke-on-Trent, England from red clay local to the area, […]

Which type of teas boost metabolism?

Which type of teas boost metabolism? It’s that time of year again. The days are becoming warmer, as well as longer and we are beginning to hear one all too common question for this time of year. Which teas will help me burn calories and boost my metabolism? Besides going to the gym, one of […]

What is raw “sheng” pu-erh tea?

What is raw “sheng” pu-erh tea? Sheng tea hails from jungle-like forests in the Yunnan regions of China. Although tea has long been said to be about 2000 years old, a recent discovery of far more ancient caves depicting tea cultivation and production now lead scholars to believe that tea is more like 10,000 years […]

The Benefits of Chili in Tea

The Health Benefits from a little chili in your tea? Sounds a little out there, but if you are a chai lover, then you already consume a little bit of spice in your tea. If you have ever tried Tin Roof Tea’s Oak City Chai or Firecracker Chai, then you definitely know what it’s like […]