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Black Tea Leaf Grades & What They Mean?

Black Tea Leaf Grades & What They Mean? In America we enjoy our caffeine, and lots of it. Our most popular section within the tea shop centers around our Black tea portion of the wall. Depending on your palate, and level of caffeine that you wish to consume, we have just about anything. Breakfast teas, […]

5 Teas for People Who Don’t Normally Like Tea

5 Teas for People Who Don’t Normally Like Tea – Tea lovers like ourselves have a hard time imagining how anyone could shrink away at the thought of a sinfully smooth, perfectly steeped cup of tea, but tea doesn’t agree with everyone. We all have that friend that turns their nose up at tea-based beverages […]

The Tin Roof Guide to Tea Jargon

The Tin Roof Guide to Tea Jargon – “Jargon” refers to certain words or expressions that are generally only understood by a small group with a specialized interest. Because the world of tea is so varied and complex, tea hobbyists have a tendency to rely on jargon when discussing tea. This can be a bit […]

How to Make Pitcher-Perfect Iced Tea

How to Make Pitcher-Perfect Iced Tea – High temperatures and punishing hours of sunlight don’t pair well with hot beverages. What are we tea-lovers to do? Drink our tea iced, of course! Preparing an iced tea is deceptively simple. Whether you’re new to the process or just in need of a few pointers, Tin Roof […]

Guayusa v/s Yerba Mate?

Guayusa v/s Yerba Mate? What is guayusa (pronounced gwy-yoo-suh), also known as “Night Watchman’s Tea”? It’s a member of the holly family, and it’s Equador’s version of yerba mat’e, providing a similar caffeine jolt that you would find in Yerba, but without the pronounced bitterness found in yerba. Guayusa has a very mild flavor, similar […]

What is Shade-Grown Tea?

What is Shade-Grown Tea? The shade-growing method was developed at the end of the Edo era, in the 1860’s. About three weeks before the May harvest, the gardens are shaded over. They were once covered in rice straw, but todays growers use a black plastic mesh or tana. Some of loose leaf green teas from […]

Can Tea Make Your Tummy Flat?

Can Tea Make Your Tummy Flat? Summertime is officially here! That means beach season! It’s officially the time of year that millions of people come to the slow realization that they’ve been slacking on their New Year’s resolution—you know, that one resolution that THIS will be the year to rock that perfect beach body. Unfortunately, […]

What is Tulsi/Holy Basil?

Holy Basil has been revered for its medicinal value throughout India for thousands of years. Ayurvedic texts describe Holy Basil as a pillar of holistic herbal medicine and a plant that was incarnated from a goddess in plant form. Many traditional Hindus place the cherished plant within the courtyard of their home, and the plant […]

Why does honey crystallize?

Why does honey crystallize? In the back of Tin Roof Teas, you will find our ever-expanding honey section. Raw honeys with very distinctive flavors, and origins. Being the honey is raw, we play havoc trying to keep the golden liquid fluid. No one really wants to buy a honey that is beginning to crystallize, but […]

Carolina Ceramics and Stoneware Spotlight

Carolina Ceramics and Stoneware Spotlight The tradition of pottery has long been entrenched in the culture of the Carolinas. The Carolina potters of today maintain on a legacy of unique craftsmanship and diverse pottery techniques that have carried on for centuries. Community-focused thinking and interest in local community values have recently resurged in North Carolina. […]