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What is Shincha?

What is Shincha? “Shin” means new, and “Cha” means tea. Shincha, often called the first flush tea, is made from the tea picked during the first harvest in the spring. A lot of Shincha is grown in southern regions such as Kagoshima, Uchimaki, Honyama, Makinohara, in the Shizuoka Prefecture. The first harvest of the year, […]

The Health Benefits of Hibiscus?

The Health Benefits of Hibiscus? The hibiscus plant grows in most of the tropical environments around the world and are often grown alongside peanuts. Hibiscus tea is extremely popular in countries like India, Mexico, Latin America, North Africa and Jamaica. The tea for the most part is taken orally and had been found to cure […]

Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon Bitter melon is a tropical/subtropical herbaceous plant that is a member of the cucumber/squash family. The fruit is also thought to be the most bitter fruit in the world, hence the name. The fruit is widely grown and cultivated in Southeast Asia, China, Africa, and the Caribbean. Seeds leaves and vines have been […]

Tea & Ayurveda: A Gleaning

Tea & Ayurveda: A Gleaning If you have come into the tea shop and looked at the wall behind the counter, you will notice a color-coded array of boxes containing the yearly catalog of our tea collection. Perhaps you have heard us explaining it? “Green boxes are green teas, blues are white teas…and orange are […]

What are the health benefits of senna leaf?

What are the health benefits of senna leaf? Senna is a woody perennial plant belonging to the legume family. The plant is native to North Africa and the Middle East and is mostly found in the temperate regions of India and China. The herb was first used therapeutically by Arabian physicians during the 9th century. […]

Which detoxifying herbs to use?

Which detoxifying herbs to use? It’s that time of year again. Allergies, pollen and everyone wanting to detox the winter away. Spring is the time of year that we get hit the hardest when dealing with herbal detox remedies. What most individuals do not realize is that you have different herbs to detox specific parts […]

Pair Some Tea with Your Chocolate this Valentine’s Day

Pair Some Tea with Your Chocolate this Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day is lurking just around the corner. Soon the day of love will be upon us, and department stores will be flooded with folks in search of last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts. Prepare to be bombarded by glossy paper hearts, cherubic flying babies, and chalky […]

The Health Benefits of Cocoa Beans

The Health Benefits of Cocoa Beans: To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we wanted to touch on the basic ingredient of every chocolate lovers heart.  Cocoa.  Whether it’s a chocolate bar, truffle, or mocha, they wouldn’t be one of our favorite indulgences without it.  For all of the negativity surrounding sweets, cocoa is actually very good for […]

Tea and Sugar

Tea and Sugar: In the United States, our love for tea has its roots for the most part from England.  Of course, other countries have a tea culture, but since our start for the most part came from English settlements.  The English as we all know have had a passion for tea since the early […]

What is Pau d’Arco Bark?

What is Pau d’Arco Bark? Being winter usually means cold season has begun, we have already begun to sell a lot of our Super Hero Formula.  What makes this tea such a great herbal blend is not only the echinacea, but a little know herb that goes by the name of Pau d’Arco.  In the […]