Tea Profile: “I’m Your Huckleberry”

May 4, 2023

Looking for the perfect summer drink? We’ve got one that will—quite literally—be your huckleberry. 

“I’m Your Huckleberry” is a sweet and slightly tart addition to your personal summer menu while you keep cool and possibly enjoy a Mark Twain novel. (It’s an article about huckleberries, so you know we had to make at least one joke about it!) 

We’ll talk a little bit about the history behind this wonderful fruit, as well as this black tea’s flavor profile. By the end of this article, you’ll understand why we’re so excited to have this on our shelves. 

Without further delay, let’s talk about “I’m Your Huckleberry.” 

What to Know about Huckleberries 

As always, we’ll start by providing you with all-the-information-you-never-knew-you-needed about huckleberries. Even simple things like berries have an interesting story.  

You can find huckleberries throughout the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. They’re a staple in the state of Montana, just as they were for the animals and the people who lived there long before the state was ever established. According to What’s Cooking America, Lewis and Clark wrote about how tribes used these berries in the early 1800s. Families in the early 1900s would take working trips to pick the berries throughout the winter. 


As What’s Cooking America notes, forest fires aid in the development of huckleberries. The plants grow beneath trees. After a conflagration destroys those trees, those plants benefit from the additional sunlight that was previously unavailable to them. 

What makes huckleberries so appealing to people and bears alike? They’re sweet like blueberries, but they also have additional seeds that make them slightly tarter. If you try to pick some, make sure you’re not standing in a patch frequented by a bear. The bear probably won’t feel like sharing its dessert with you. 

Health Benefits of Huckleberries 

Aside from how delicious they are, huckleberries are also a nutritious add-on to your diet. According to Wild Huckleberry, huckleberries help lower cholesterol, possess multiple vitamins, and help you build red blood cells, among many other benefits. 

Add that to the health benefits of tea itself, and you’ve got a deliciously healthy drink!  

We should also give our regular disclaimer: tea is a wonderful addition to a healthy lifestyle, but it won’t compensate for any unhealthy choices you’re making. So if you eat pizza and drink beer every night, then you can’t expect a cup of tea to make up for the lack of nutritional value you’re currently consuming. 

I'm Your Huckleberry

How to Prepare Huckleberry Tea 

When you prepare our “I’m Your Huckleberry” tea, you’ll notice a creamy texture in addition to the taste of the berries themselves. You’ll want to boil the water to 212 degrees, then steep the leaves for no more than 4 minutes. 

Upon drinking it, you’ll encounter a blend of black tea with the sweetness from the berries. From there, you can add sweetener or honey if you want. We encourage you to sip it slowly and let the drink rest for a moment so you can experience the flavors.  


“I’m Your Huckleberry” is anything but inconsequential. Take a moment to visit our store or order it online, and you’ll soon discover why.