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Tuo Cha with Chrysanthemum (2018)

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100g$0.51 a cup$20.25
250g$0.48 a cup$47.96
500g$0.46 a cup$90.59

Premium grade, ripe Pu-erh leaf, infused with petals of Chrysanthemum flowers, are pressed into a small bird’s nest-like shape or nugget. The leaves and Chrysanthemum flowers are sun-dried, steamed and then shaped.  A traditional blend and long enjoyed in Asia as a soothing and cooling beverage enjoyed during the hot summer months.  Soothing, good with meals, it can also be enjoyed for its calming effect on an upset stomach. Our Tuo was made from fermented leaf from the Cangyuan area of Yunnan Province. Harvested and pressed in 2018.


  • Cangyuan area of Yunnan Province
  • Chrysanthemum petals add a fruity note to the earthy Pu-erh.
  • Low-medium
  • Ripe puerh and chrysanthemum petals.

Brewing Guide

1 nest./8 oz
3-5 min.


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