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Thai Tea Base

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100g.$0.40 per cup$13.50
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500g.$0.36 per cup$60.44

Our Thai Tea Base is another in-house blend. One of the major ingredients in Thai tea is tamarind root. Unfortunately, tamarind root has a tendency to mold if not kept fresh. That is why we are calling it a base, because it is up to you to finish off the blend. So don’t forget to add your own tamarind, and of course, condensed milk! The orange food coloring is optional.

  • Ceylon
  • Spicy and sweet. Thai tea is heavier on the star anise, so it adds more of a kick than an average chai tea.
  • Medium-high
  • Ceylon black tea, cardamom, clove, star anise, ceylon cinnamon.

Brewing Guide

1 tsp./8oz.
5 min.


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