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South Indian White Havukal (Organic)

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(2 customer reviews)

Our South Indian White Oothu white tea started it’s journey forty miles from the southern tip of the subcontinent and isolated within a pristine tropical rainforest, Oothu meaning “spring of water”, was the first tea garden in India to adopt biodynamic tea cultivation. This white tea offering is partially oxidized, showing splendid colors of green russet and pale brown. A smooth affair, with an intensity rarely seen in a white tea.

  • Southern India
  • Slightly earthy, with nutty undertones and light hints of melon.
  • Low

Brewing Guide

2 tsp/8oz
2 min

2 reviews for South Indian White Havukal (Organic)

  1. Lilly

    Very nice tea no need to sweeten or add any milk it tastes delicious mild a bit sweet!

  2. MAH

    Overall very good tea. I can pick up some kind of fruit sweetness but not sure about melon; then again I don’t really care for melons to begin with. There is a slight earthiness, and also a very slight astringency. Can’t really pick up any nuttiness. I don’t know about “intense“ but it is smooth and nice.

    The prep is a bit more difficult because the leaves are large and gangly and they don’t really fit into my infuser very well. And because they are not ground finer we have to use 2 tsps to make up the weight/mass, which makes loading the infuser even more difficult. But should you have an oversize infuser, you should be fine. Nevertheless not a bad tea at all.

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