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Monk’s Blend

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Monk’s Blend is now enjoyable outside monastery walls.  We are proud to offer this very elegant and intriguing blend, which derived from a centuries old treasured secret recipe. Smooth and creamy with hints of bergamot oil and a nice, subtle, floral finish.

  • Very smooth and creamy with hints of bergamot oil with a nice, subtle, floral finish.
  • Medium-high
  • China, Ceylon, & Indian black tea, vanilla pieces, assam tea flowers, blue mallow blossoms, & natural flavor.

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
4-5 min

3 reviews for Monk’s Blend

  1. Beci

    A wonderful young lady behind the counter suggested Monk’s Blend to me as I shopped on 2/8/14. I had a headache and needed something with caffeine. I love black tea and the first one she suggested, Earl Grey, smelled wonderful. She thought I might like this one and she was very right! It had depth, it soothed my mind, calmed my headache, and the bergamot was so fragrant I couldn’t stop smelling this tea. She brewed me a perfect cup to go and I savored it to the last drop. I will be returning soon to buy a bag of this.

  2. Lauren P

    For the first (of hopefully many) tea reviews, I will cover my longest running hot tea favorite: Monk’s Blend. This was the first loose-leaf tea I bought when I began to get into tea and it has stayed a consistent favorite. It is a good wake-up tea, with a flavor that is both strong and sweet. I have seen this flavor in a couple of different brands but my favorite is Tin Roof Teas. Monk’s Blend is a black tea flavored with grenadine, and my favorite brand include bergamot, vanilla, and mallow blossoms in the mix for a wonderfully complex taste. The grenadine is sweet but not overly fruity and the vanilla lends a flavor reminiscent of the smell of good pipe tobacco. Do be careful not to over-steep as like almost all black teas it can become incredibly bitter, however the mallow blossoms seem to give this tea a little more leeway with steeping times.

  3. Logan

    I’ve been an avid supporter of this tea oasis since my first whimsical visit a few years prior. On my most recent trip, the owner recommended I try this tea in place of the Earl Grey with a shot of vanilla in my London Fog, He couldn’t have been more right. For those London Fog fans out there looking for a way to enhance and deepen the flavor of their favorite drink, while avoiding a shot of high-fructose sweetener, this tea’s the way to go. Thanks to the Hinson family for an apt suggestion , and for their excellent managing of an exemplary establishment.

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