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Matcha is a traditional tea of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Our Matcha is a top-grade powdered Green tea. About 3-5 g of the powder is placed in a special stoneware bowl (chawan, 300-400 ml), which has been warmed. Soft or filtered water is added, boiled and cooled to 60°C/140°F. The liquid is then beaten until frothy using a bamboo whisk (chasen).

  • Nishio, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
  • Light and smooth with a natural sweetness and little bitterness
  • Medium-high

Brewing Guide

1/2 tsp/8oz
20 sec. whisk

1 review for Matcha

  1. Janet Freet

    This is serenity in a cup! It’s a flavor that has really grown on me,and I look forward to preparing and enjoying it. I sweeten it with a little agave, and use almond or coconut milk, and get it nice and frothy. Hot or iced, it is pure heaven,and the color is beautiful and earthy. It’s a healthy ritual that is satisfying.

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