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Sencha Fuka-midori

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100g$0.43 a cup$19.75
250g$0.40 a cup$45.61
500g$0.38 a cup$86.16
(3 customer reviews)

Our Sencha Fuka-midori is an everyday green tea. Special blending and firing techniques are used to produce this Japanese varietal of green tea. As is customary with most Japanese teas, this tea exhibits grading consisting of both smaller and larger leaf particles. This gives the Sencha a fuller body than many other green teas. Originally consumed by Buddhist monks as a remedy and for spiritual composure, it is today considered a source of inspiration and vitality. Sencha means steamed tea: Sencha = steam, Cha = tea. Firstly, the tea leaves are folded lengthwise while drying on warm trays, and then they are heated in wood-fuelled pans in order to stop the fermentation. You will immediately recognize the long, well-worked, grass green leaves in this quality tea. After the infusion, the full leaf structure can be seen, and the cup has a bright yellow color. The fresh, grass-like flavor with a fine sweetness is a pleasure for every Sencha enthusiast.

  • Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
  • Brisk and full-bodied, with a rich vegetal flavor and aroma reminding of dark greens such as kale, with moderate bitterness and a slight nutty quality.
  • Low

Brewing Guide

1st 160F/70C - 2nd 180F/80C
1 tsp/8oz
1st 90 sec - 2nd 30 sec

3 reviews for Sencha Fuka-midori

  1. Summer

    Sencha Fuka-midori is by far one of my favorite green teas. It’s always super fresh and green with the perfect amount of umami taste embodying subtle notes of brine and seaweed. This tea has the perfect amount of body and finishes buttery smooth. This is definitely a tea I can’t live without. Highly recommended and the price is a steal for the quality.

  2. Kimberly

    Bought on a whim – and because of the other review. It sent me down a google hole finding out more about this kind of tea and how it’s produced.
    On first taste, I was unprepared for how amazingly fresh tasting this tea is. I know it sounds strange to say it this way, but loose leaf green tea is very very different from your ‘generic green tea in a bag out of a box’. It’s so bright and springy and the second steep is just as good as the first. It’s stomach settling and calming. I get a kind of ‘coating’ mouth feel with this tea, but that’s apparently standard? I could drink this all day long.
    The directions on the package are perfect – If you don’t already own a temperature setting electric kettle, get one.

  3. Jana

    This tea tasted like corn pops to me (in a good way). Slightly sweet, fresh, low tannins. A must-try if you like green tea!

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