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Hojicha (Organic)

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Made during the last few weeks of the tea harvest, Hojicha is a popular Japanese roasted green tea. As a tradition, on the bit, coarse, pale green leaves (also known as ‘Bancha’) are steamed, dried and then roasted in small batch ovens in making Houji-cha. Connoisseur grade Houji-cha, like this one, requires precise roasting time and oven temperature. The roasting reduces the amount of caffeine, and therefore makes Houji-cha ideal to drink in the evening and after meals.

  • Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
  • Buttery, with hints of toasted grains and honey, caramel and a pleasant buckwheat aroma.
  • Low

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
3 min

1 review for Hojicha (Organic)

  1. MAH

    Immediately from the bag, I smelled a certain toastiness with a slight must. Upon brew, the roast/toast does come out a little more pronounced on the nose. I can pick out the grains/buckwheat aromas. Very nice and breakfasty.

    On taste, I drank it straight (no sweetener nor cream), brewed according to instructions. Continued getting the toasted grain flavor (rice?), maybe a slight hint of butter. Didn’t get any honey. Instead, I got some kind of umami broth. Regardless it definitely tastes like something I’d expect from Japan. This is not like your everyday green tea. Even my 13-year-old son likes it (with milk and sugar of course) and he’s not a tea drinker. Very good overall.

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