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Senkukicha is often enjoyed for its salubrious nature, our organic green kukicha is comprised of non-roasted tea twigs and leaves. Otherwise known as Senkukicha, this tea has a slightly fruity taste with a fresh grassy feel and a crisp finish. Steeps a vibrant green infusion and is best steeped at a low temperature. If you would like to try a more roasted style, our Kukicha “Twig Tea” is excellent.

  • Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
  • Creamy, with a smooth and sweet flavor similar to mangoes. Oceanic aroma with faint grassy notes.
  • Low

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
3 min

2 reviews for SenKukicha

  1. Cathy

    A deliciously smooth sencha that is not at all astringent, even though I brew it at a higher temperature. It’s one of my favorites, along with Sencha Fuka-midori and Fukamushi Sencha.

  2. Autumn

    When the box was opened for me to smell, I knew this was a winner! Definitely my new favorite every day tea. Smooth as silk, and so far a hit with everyone who’s tried it!

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