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Guricha (Tamaryokucha)

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Guricha: Premium Japanese Curled-leaf Green Tea

The Kyushu area in Japan is well-known for producing Guricha (Tamaryokucha). Farmers process this tea in a special way to produce its iconic coiled leaves. Because of the processing method, these leaves are similar in appearance to the pan-fried teas of China. However, unlike its Chinese counterpart, this blend is processed by steaming. Due to this, it is thought that this tea holds onto many vitamins and nutrients that would be otherwise lost during processing. Afterwards, farmers fashion the tea into ‘comma’-shaped leaves.

Known for its consistent high-quality, this tea has an unforgettable, luxurious taste. However, the leaves are somewhat sensitive, so they should never come in contact with boiling water. The liquor should look slightly yellowish after steeping. The brew that results from this tea is warming and almost berry-like. The mouth-filling flavor is accompanied by a pleasant, semi-sweet aftertaste. Fans of Japanese green teas should not miss this tea.

  • Ureshino, Saga Prefecture
  • Aromatic leaves brew a milder and less astringent cup than a typical Sencha.
  • Low-medium

Brewing Guide

1 tsp./8oz.
1 min.


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