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Green Aroma Sampler

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We have brought together our best seller’s for our Green Aroma Sampler.

Persephone’s Temptation – Tart, sweet and tangy, with mellow hints of lemon from the Chinese green tea base.  Ingredients: Green tea, rosehips, raspberries, & natural flavors.

China Wuyuan Jasmine – Robust, smoky chestnut aroma backed by a subtle sweetness and the light floral undertones of jasmine blossoms.

Moroccan Mint – Chinese gunpowder green tea, spearmint oil, Egyptian mint.

Citron Butterfly – Chinese & Ceylon green tea, purple dragon fruit cubes, apple pieces, lemongrass, blue butterfly pea blossoms, pomelo cubes, lemon peel, watermelon flakes, natural flavor.

Lemon Peacock – We started off with a green tea base and added lemongrass, lemon balm and lemon verbena. With a hint of lemon peel and lemon oil, this brew is naturally sweet and zesty. Great hot or iced!


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