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Coconut Pouchong (Organic)

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Coconut Pouchong: Succulent Young Coconut and Green Oolong

Our Coconut Pouchong is a real South Pacific treat, carrying the essence of toasted coconut in a high-quality green oolong tea. The flavor invokes the succulent nectar of young coconuts and instills an impression of tropical sweetness on the tongue. As a result, the brew is absolutely exquisite to taste!

The notes of coconut blend well with the subtle honey-like sweetness of the green oolong. Because of this balanced, neutral flavor, you can enjoy this tea hot or iced. Even oolong purists, who typically stray away from aromatic teas, have attested to the quality of this oolong. This one is a staple in our tea collection. There’s few teas as refreshing as Coconut Pouchong!

  • Light, creamy and naturally sweet, with light hints of coconut.
  • Low-medium
  • oolong tea, natural coconut oil.

Brewing Guide

1-2 tsps./8oz.
3 min.


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