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Green Coconut

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Green Coconut: A Savory Blend of Japanese Sencha and Coconut Milk

Our Green Coconut tea blend has the creamy richness of coconut milk on a sencha green tea base. This is truly the go-to tea for coconut lovers. It tastes great hot or iced, so it enjoys year-round popularity at the Tin Roof Teas shop. Bold notes of coconut blend exceptionally well with the delicate, warming flavor of fresh Japanese sencha. Just one sip is enough to invoke images of picturesque palm trees and milky white beaches. After one cup, you’ll understand the secret behind this tea’s success.

(If you’re already a fan of our Green Coconut, we also suggest trying our Coconut Pouchong. This delightful take on coconut-flavored tea incorporates the essence of toasted coconut on a bold, earthy oolong.)

  • Smooth and creamy, combined with a light, brisk, Sencha green tea base.
  • Low
  • Green tea from Japan, shredded coconut and flavor.

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
2 min

2 reviews for Green Coconut

  1. Cindy

    This tea is like a vacation in your mouth. I LOVE it and have been enjoying it for several years now.

  2. nicole

    This is my absolute FAVE tea! I drink it almost daily. Doesn’t need any sweeteners, fine just the way it is!

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