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China Pu-erh Tuocha

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Great for beginners. The term Tuo has two meanings: a small inlet in the course of the river or a bird’s nest. This tea is shaped by pressing Pu-Erh Tea (a Black tea that has been microbiologically fermented) into a bowl-shaped brick. Tuocha Tea is sold the world over as dietary or health tea. Its taste is unusual, slightly earthy, but mild with a dark, reddish-brown liquor. This Shou or Ripe Pu-erh has strong roasted notes of chestnut, with cocoa, tobacco, and brown rice.

Type: Ripe Pu-erh (fermented)

Grade: 3 to 4

Brewing Guide: Rinse – 1 sec, 1st Brew – 10 sec, 2nd Brew – 15 sec, 3rd Brew – 20 sec, 4th Brew – 30 sec., 5th Brew – 1 min., 6th Brew – 2 min., 7th Brew – 3 min, 8th Brew – 4 min.

  • Yunnan Province
  • Moderate

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