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Ceylon Kenilworth OP

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100g$0.36 a cup$14.75
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(2 customer reviews)

Our Ceylon Kenilworth OP, is from a very popular plantation and offers outstanding quality. Strikingly beautiful, black pine needle-shaped leaves. The liquor is dark-red in cup.

  • Ceylon, Modern Sri Lanka
  • Full-bodied with an earthy, spicy flavor.
  • Medium-high

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
3-4 min

2 reviews for Ceylon Kenilworth OP

  1. roddo27846

    One of the guys at the store in Raleigh, NC suggested I try this as I like strong black teas. It is excellent. Nothing quirky here, just honest tea flavor — I like it with a little cream.

  2. MAH

    Bought this a couple days ago, it’s my first Ceylon tea. The dried leaves are definitely citrusy in aroma and very attractive. Hard to turn down tea that smells like that in the packaging. Brewed according to temperature (boiled water) and tried at each of the different brew times. I also drank them straight (no sweeteners, creams or other condiments).

    The 5-min brew certainly is fairly strong and bitter although not overwhelmingly so. Decent tannins so it will dry your tongue some. The 3-min brew (also using boiled water) I noticed has a faint sweetness but it’s more like a slight candied note (i.e., not citrusy) underneath the bitterness and tannins. So it’s there.

    If you’re not into bitter flavors, this may not be for you at least at the 5-min brew with boiled water. If you want to try it anyway, my guess is you may get more of the underlying sweetness and perhaps less of the bitterness if using a lower water temp (say around 180-190°) and brew 3 mins perhaps 2. I do recommend this tea not only for those who like bitter teas but also those who’ve never really gotten into them but may want to try one out. But start out at the lower brew time for certain.

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