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Assam Namdang Second Flush CTC BOP

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(5 customer reviews)

Our Assam Namdang came into creation at the end of the 19th century, Namdang Tea Company, a subsidiary of the Assam Railway & Trading Company, established this garden. The CTC (crush-tear-curl) production method gives this broken tea a very strong and dark-colored cup. Divine with cream and rock sugar!

  • Assam, India
  • Heavy and spicy with a doughy note at the back end. Slight hints of malt and citrus.
  • High

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
3-5 min

5 reviews for Assam Namdang Second Flush CTC BOP

  1. Carter C

    I’m a tea freak and am ever-so-happy that I have this place nearby to indulge my dependency. The staff are not the warmest people ever, but they know their tea and they always hook me up with some good stuff without aggressive sales tactics or up-sells like at Teavana. My fave teas (so far) from Tin Roof are the Assam Namdang and the Yunnan Pu-erh (great with milk or cream). The East Frisian Broken Blend is also good. Their Russian Samovar was a little weak for me, but I have the Russian Caravan now and it’s great (if you can handle a smoky and a more manly tea.) I’ve also found lovely Chinese and Japanese green teas here, and I recently picked up a Detox tea sampler, but haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

    I never put any sugar in my tea and I tend toward the bitter and herbal flavors, but there are plenty of fruity teas and tisanes and blends here as well plus nice teapots, honey, and related gadgets. There is something for everyone!

  2. Paul

    It might be the power of suggestion, but I definitely get the “doughy” described. And it is good with milk, also described. It’s a really good base for a builders tea or on it’s own. Not as complex as other Assams, but full and hearty, making it good with breakfast, without being very earthy–something that wears on me with some other hearty teas.

  3. Kimberly

    I was gifted this tea by my brother – it’s awesome and I’m ordering more for myself. It’s warm and hearty and a great morning coffee replacement. I also found I can put this tea in a reusable k-cup container and use it twice. I didn’t think I would start liking tea more than coffee, but I’m leaning that way. Not having to use as much sugar and cream in my tea as in my coffee is another bonus. It’s easy to use too much of this when steeping and get a real wake up kick, so use the little red spoon!

  4. Valorie

    My husband and I just discovered this WONDERFUL tea shop. The staff recommended a trial pack of 5 extra-full bodied teas and we love 3 out of the 5 and this was one of the 3. The Assam Jamguri and the English 5 o’clock tea were the other favorites. (The other 2 are ok, we just like the 3 better) We will definitely be back!

  5. Sue S.

    I love a really full flavorful tea, and Assam Namdang absolutely fits the bill. I discovered it at a tea tasting at Tin Roof Teas. (The tastings are one of my favorite things about Tin Roof!) My favorite Assam.

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