Tea Gift Basket for Bride-To-Be

September 20, 2011

A themed gift basket can be a great way of customizing a gift for a loved one on any occasion.  Gift baskets enable us to compile the whole lot of supplies necessary for a friend to sit back, relax, and enjoy a new hobby.  When it comes to a Bride-to-Be, we want to offer a gift basket that reflects her elegance, beauty, and grace; what better mirrors pure, elegant beauty than tea?  Although meant to be the best and most beautiful day of her life, the planning of and days leading up to her wedding can be a stressful event and adding tea to her lifestyle may not only help to quell the stress, but also remind her of the pulchritude and comeliness of her big day.  To provide the beautiful Bride-to-Be with the perfect Tea Basket we must be sure to provide her with everything she will need to enjoy the teas that we choose to give her.

The necessities of tea making, of course, involve some sort of brewing vessel, tea strainer, and tea cup to drink the tea from.  Here we have chosen clear glassware with a fine porcelain filter and silver teaspoon to pair with the beauty and purity of the future Bride.  For the tea we have selected Earl of White, a delicate white tea blended with bergamot oil, lemon peel, and yellow rosebuds; China Dragon Phoenix Pearls, a Jasmine scented green tea hand-rolled into elegant pearls; and China Yin Zhen Amarant, a hand sewn blooming tea made from silver needle and amaranth blossoms which slowly unfolds into a beautiful flower before the brewer’s eyes.  Each of these teas has been selected to be just floral and elegant enough to compliment the gorgeous Bride-to-Be.  It’s always nice to enjoy tea with something sweet so we’ve added some Hawaiian Lehua Blossom honey and Classic Sugar Moravian Cookies, both as heavenly and delectable as the bride should be.  Finally, to top it off, we’ve added Savannah Bee Company’s Tupelo Honey Beeswax Lip Balm and Beeswax Hand & Nail Salve to ensure the Bride-to-Be’s luxury from the inside out.