Golden Eyebrows

October 17, 2019
Jin Jun Mei black tea

Jin Jun Mei black tea, also known as “Golden Eyebrows”, originated from the Tongmu village.  Located 1500 meters above sea level, this village can be found amongst the expansive Wuyi Mountain region.  This tea is often considered the top-shelf version of Lapsang Souchong, which is also from this region.  Malty and honey-sweet, with light notes of chocolate, this wild-picked bud tea provides a uniquely rich and savory cup.  Hints of orange and fresh-baked bread resides on the nose.

TIDBIT: In the West, lower grade Jin Hun Mei black tea is called Golden Monkey, or Jin Mao Hou.

Jin Jun Mei is harvested during the Qing Ming spring festival every year in order to enjoy the heavy-laden buds on the bushes.  Later on, after the festival the bushes are ready for the Lapsang harvest.

Our Black No. 6 is a lot made popular from the “Golden Eyebrow” style.  This particular tea was plucked in the Fu-An area, along the coastline on the border of the Zhejiang Province.  This local varietal is grown near the Tan Yang village, and is famous for their Bai Mu Dan white teas.