March 10, 2021
Tea and Weight Loss

by: Jordyn King, Guest Blogger

Teas and Me 

My name is Jordyn King and I am currently a graduate student at Meredith College in the Concentration of Dietetics in Raleigh, North Carolina soon to be, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I believe in holistic and alternative approaches to increasing individuals’ health and wellness in their daily habits through diet and exercise. I thought I’d share one of my favorite tea places around Raleigh in The Village District, formerly known as Cameron Village, Tin Roof Teas, and give you some tips and tricks of the great benefits to weight loss in the different teas they have to offer. And if you have a love for Honey, they have recently featured a raw honey bar for your sweet tooth. 

Benefits of Teas and Weightloss 

Even though weight loss is most effective with a foundation of changing food habits and nutrition techniques and of course, exercise; teas can also improve through an ongoing process by providing more progressive steps toward diet and exercise; which help to encourage weight loss since teas are ultimately calorie free. With most teas that I will be discussing today has the main ingredient of flavonoids called Catechins, they provide antioxidants to the body and help to boost your metabolism. Thus, this process will help break down fat more quickly. Teas can also help in substituting out high calorie drinks like lattes in the morning, reducing bloating, balancing hormonal levels and energizing the body for more higher intensity workouts. The best thing about teas, is once you become obsessed with them, like I have, you will be able to keep the weight off by preventing your metabolism from slowing down and keeping it down. 

Everything and anything about teas 

How many teas have you tried in your life? There are over 100 teas at Tin Roof Teas that you can choose. These different types of teas will help provide health benefits and its ability to aid in weight loss, but every kind has different components. Caffeinated teas like Black, Green and White teas aid in increasing your energy levels, which cause the body to be motivated and ready to burn more calories throughout your day. Matcha tea is another fat burning tea which is also high in fiber, vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, and magnesium and has been shown to prevent the causes of unwanted weight gain. Yerba Mate Tea, as I like to call it “fat fueling tea” helps to activate your body’s metabolism and allows your body to use your fat as a fuel system. Oolong tea is a combination of Black and Green tea which provides caffeine, increased satiety and contains numerous amounts of vitamins and minerals. I drink oolong tea in the morning to help me feel full and stay awake throughout the day. Ginseng is a new herbal tea that I have just recently tried, which can help with mental and physical stress, especially through this chaotic period of our lives. Although I use Ginseng for more of a holistic approach for reducing stress levels, it still can aid in altering weight loss status, similar to Lemon Ginger and Chamomile tea, which are my favorites! I really like Chamomile tea because of the flavor and how it adds a hint of lavender which aids in reducing anxiety and getting a better night sleep, which is important in staying healthy when feeling well-rested. Overall, tea is the one of the best tools for a weight loss regime with zero health complications and only nutritional benefits that come with it. These teas are all available at Tin Roof Teas, so come check it and lose that weight! 

This is Jordyn King and THAT’S the TEA.