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Think Pink

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(2 customer reviews)

Our Think Pink Oolong is a smooth and woodsy cuppa.  Naturally sweet with light berry notes present.  This Oolong is great iced or hot!

  • Sweet, fruit and floral. Notes of wood and maple.
  • Medium
  • Semi-fermented Oolong tea, pink rosebuds, rose petals, freeze-dried whole raspberries, pink cornflower blossoms, natural flavor.

Brewing Guide

1-2 tsps/8 oz
2-3 min

2 reviews for Think Pink

  1. Sharon Ezzo

    Very few Oolong teas capture me. This one has. It’s mild bodied and just right for springtime. The rose is not overpowering and balances the fruitiness beautifully.

  2. Andrea R

    If pretty was a flavor this it what it would taste like! Raspberry and rose pair perfectly to create this elegant oolong. An immediate favorite.

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