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O’Sullivan’s Favorite

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(6 customer reviews)

Our O’Sullivan’s Favorite proves that the Irish are among the most prolific tea drinkers in the world, enjoying strong and robust teas daily. We salute them with our Irish Breakfast blend-a hearty machine processed CTC (Cut, Tear, Curl) from the premier tea garden in Burundi. Boldly spicy and aromatic, it carries considerable heft. Excellent with milk.

  • Burundi, Africa
  • Robust and malty. Astringent with hints of citrus. Black teas from Africa tend to have a hint of spice or juniper notes because of the soils pH.
  • High

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
4 min

6 reviews for O’Sullivan’s Favorite

  1. Matt Gunnet

    This tea tastes great, but it has me bugging out. I drink 16 oz in the morning brewed with two level teaspoons and by the time I finish the cup I feel like I have just shot gunned 6 shots of espresso. This tea would be great for folks who like a lot of caffeine, but beware drinking too much and too fast.

  2. Adam Lindsay

    Love this tea. Bold flavor and full of caffeine.

  3. Kat K

    My go to tea when it’s cold and I cannot get going. Indeed, caffeine abounds. My creative cup contains one teaspoon tea two teaspoons of milk. Perfection!

  4. Hunter

    Robust is right! I love this tea, I drink it iced with just a bit of sugar to wake up the flavor.

  5. Sue

    Being a tea enthusiast this tea is by far the best Irish breakfast tea i’ve had. I love the African teas, they have a unique spiciness to them such a great flavor.. I love the Turkish Delight as well!

  6. Tim Gallagher

    Our daily day-starting tea. Can’t imagine starting the fat without O’Sullivans.

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