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Lemoncello: Tangy and Sweet

Tin Roof Teas’ Lemoncello is a combination lemon and sour apple, blended together with sweet, exotic fruits. Because this tea is purely fruit-based, it’s categorized as a tisane. Therefore it has no caffeine content and is enjoyed at all times of the day! Since the primary flavor of this tea invokes the lemon and sour apple, the resulting brew has just the right amount of sweetness with the perfect lemony-bite. In the summer, this tea becomes a refreshing icy treat. In the winter, it becomes a fantastically warm defense against the cold. Regardless of personal brewing preference, this tea remains a favorite in our shop.

  • Heavy notes of citrus with a faint hint of guava.
  • Caffeine-free
  • sour apple pieces, pineapple cubes, papaya cubes, apple cubes, guava flakes, freeze-dried lemon peel, blue cornflower blossoms, and natural flavor.

Brewing Guide

1-2 tsps./8oz.
5-10 min.

1 review for Lemoncello

  1. Debbie

    I love this tea hot or cold It is flavorful, fruity and fun to drink.

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