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Honeysuckle & White Peach (Organic)

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100g$0.49 a cup$18.58
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(2 customer reviews)

Our White Peach & Honeysuckle, is the essence of fresh picked peaches infuses the senses in this organic white tea and organic honeysuckle infusion.

  • Very light and sweet. Floral undertones, backed by a wonderful peach aroma.
  • Low caffeine
  • organic white tea, organic marigolds, organic honeysuckle buds, natural flavors.

Brewing Guide

1-2 tsps/8oz
2-3 min

2 reviews for Honeysuckle & White Peach (Organic)

  1. Cameron Kempson

    Definitely my new favorite! Aromatic without being overwhelming. Mellow tea that feels like you’re sipping summertime. Already made some for the family, and our kitchen smells divine-

  2. kerry

    I didn’t love this one like I thought I would. It didn’t smell or taste like honeysuckle or peach at all. The base tea used is decent though, which is why I still give it two stars. But the flavor profile for this one is more like a buttery golden hay. Would be fine if that’s what I was in the mood for, but I was expecting something a bit more floral and fruity.

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