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Green Rooibos (Organic)

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The well-known characteristics are all there, although differences in both color and taste can be noticed. The green Rooibos is clearly brighter in color and has a greener leaf than it’s “big brother”. This derives from the incomplete fermentation process.

  • Southern Africa
  • Green rooibos is not a sweet as it's fully oxidized big brother. You will receive a little more of an astringent bite with subtle notes of lemon. Green rooibos is much higher in antioxidants, than the well known red rooibos variety.
  • Caffeine-free
  • Rooibos tea

Brewing Guide

1-2 tsp/8oz
5-7 min

1 review for Green Rooibos (Organic)

  1. MAH

    I bought this tea yesterday on a whim. A very good tea to be certain. I made it by the directions & drank it straight (no sugar, cream or other condiments). Astringent but not terribly so. I like some astringency in whiskeys so I really liked this. However if you’re not into astringency, this may not be for you. There’s indeed a lemon component here, although I picked it up more in the aroma than the flavor. So the description above is quite correct. Also per the description, it is indeed caffeine-free; I had this at 9:00pm, and it didn’t keep me from sleeping. I’m mildly sensitive to caffeine so while the least bit might not over-energize me, it can keep me from sleeping. This didn’t. Overall I found this tea very satisfying and consider it a great nightcap.

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