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Citron Butterfly

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(3 customer reviews)

Our Citron Butterfly is a fruity blend of dragon fruit and pomelo, with a hint of the soon to be infamous blue butterfly pea blossoms. Whenever citrus is added to this little flower, the liquor of the tea turns purple. Have you ever seen purple tea? Its delicious! Great hot or iced.

  • China & Ceylon
  • Light, sweet and fruity.
  • Low-Medium
  • Chinese & Ceylon green tea, purple dragon fruit cubes, apple pieces, lemongrass, blue butterfly pea blossoms, pomelo cubes, lemon peel, watermelon flakes, natural flavor.

Brewing Guide

1 tsp./8oz.
2-3 min.

3 reviews for Citron Butterfly

  1. Cameron

    We love this tea and right now, it’s the favorite of my 2 stepdaughters. It’s just sweet enough that they don’t even add raw honey. It’s one we keep stocked around here.

  2. ajzebrick

    First came the excited texts about “It’s purple!” and asking me “What is in this?? The flavors are amazing.” After enjoying two cups (he doesn’t add any sweetener) my hubby has already said, “We’re going to need to buy this in bulk.” After placing two guest orders, I’ve just now registered – for the convenience of future orders and to leave deserving reviews like this one! This is a wonderful tea blend. 🙂

  3. Katharine

    Wow. This tea is lovely. So deserving of drinking from my butterfly tea cup. No sweetener needed. Looking forward to trying it iced. Thank you TRT. Best tea store, ever!

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