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Brewing tea by the cup has never been so easy! Uni Brew-in-Mug with an extra-fine hole stainless steel infuser and a food-safe plastic lid allows you the convenience to bring your favorite tea anywhere! Enjoy a wide variety of tea, including fine loose leaf teas such as Rooibos tea to large whole leaf teas like Oolong. Our large tea infuser (2.75 inch diameter) allows tea leaves to expand fully, thus bringing out the maximum flavor. To make your desired strength of tea, simply take the infuser out from the mug at the optimal time. Remove the infuser easily and safely with its heat-resistant plastic grip. The lid will serve as a drip dish for the infuser. Its unique stackable design offers a convenient space-saving solution. Available in multiple colors: black, lime, turquoise, white, mandarin, marine, red, paprika, purple, ivy, grey.

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1 review for Brew-in-Mug

  1. Carrie Shearer

    I love this mug. I use it daily. It is so easy to use with my wonderful teas.

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