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Blood Orange (Organic)

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(2 customer reviews)

The blood oranges used in our Blood Orange black tea are grown along the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  Blood oranges have been revered since ancient times because of their rich sweetness.  Therefore, this less acidic counterpart to the classic orange makes for an excellent cup of tea, iced or hot.

  • Sweet and tart citrus notes, backed by an astringent yet creamy black tea base.
  • Medium-high
  • Black tea from Sri Lanka and China, orange peel, safflower blossoms and natural orange oil.

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
2-4 min

2 reviews for Blood Orange (Organic)

  1. Janice

    a friend gave me this for my birthday. I am strictly a black tea drinker….no herbals, no flavored black teas, just plain black tea (ceylon or nilgiri). I’ve tried them, but to me, they just don’t taste like tea should taste. When I opened the package, it smelled so wonderful, I thought that I would try it. Oh my gosh! It is absolutely wonderful! My plain black teas don’t taste like “tea” anymore, because now all I want is this wonderful blood orange tea.

  2. LadyRedShoes

    A fabulous citrus tea! I love the citrus teas and had to try this one when I first visited Tin Roof. It is wonderful. I use their orange blossom honey with it and even on the coldest days, it reminds me of sunny Spain where I first had blood oranges. One to try if you like citrus notes in a great black tea base.

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