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Assam Koomsong Second Flush TGFOP

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100g$0.37 a cup$14.95
250g$0.35 a cup$35.42
500g$0.33 a cup$66.90
(2 customer reviews)

Our Assam Koomsong Second Flush, originates from the Doom Dooma River, and winds its way through the picturesquely located tea garden and contributes significantly to watering the tea plantation. The leaf appearance is very even, wiry, long and with lots of golden-brown tips with a copper-colored cup.

  • Assam, India
  • Spicy, and malty with a slight floral essence.
  • Medium-high

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
2-4 min

2 reviews for Assam Koomsong Second Flush TGFOP

  1. Gene P

    A Christmas gift, this blend makes the finest cup of tea I have ever experienced.

  2. Paul D.

    This was a weird one for me. Just recently started pursuing Assams after getting into Irish Breakfast bags, so this is only my second loose Assam. The first smell is fantastic. I would say it’s like a mild honeysuckle mixed with biscuits. It’s why I bought the tea. The first 2 cups were boring to me–all I got was the simple “tea” taste. I must have heated the water hotter, because it took on new flavors in subsequent uses. The maltiness later became apparent–not just the bready/biscuity aspects, but the deeper maltiness that tastes like “malta” soda or non-alcoholic beer. Then I steeped it too long and got heavy raisin flavors, which put me off at first. Eventually I got used to that too and started doing a 4 minute steep with all the bready maltiness with the raisiny flavors mixed in and not bitter. Now I crave it. I dream about it. What a great journey. Looking forward to more Assams.

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