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Assam Boisahabi Second Flush TGBOP Malty

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100g$0.30 a cup$15.45
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500g$0.30 a cup$69.17
(2 customer reviews)

Our Assam Boisahabi Second Flush is a full-bodied, malty gentleman’s tea; Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe, highly aromatic, coppery red color in the cup; high quality.

  • Assam, India
  • Very robust, bisquity with hints of citrus.
  • High

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
5 min

2 reviews for Assam Boisahabi Second Flush TGBOP Malty

  1. Carroll

    One of my favorites. Strong, tasty builder’s tea. Great for breakfast.

  2. Elizabeth

    This has become an absolute favorite of mine. It is strong, vaguely chocolatey, and astringent, with a flavor that fills the whole mouth. My favorite way to drink it is with some rock sugar and oat milk, which makes it less bitter and brings out some of the deeper notes, but on a second steep I do like it plain. Malty is definitely the right word for it. This tea always feels like a special, luxurious treat every time I drink it. I don’t recommend brewing for longer than the suggested 3 minutes, as it can get very bitter. At 3 minutes, it is perfect.

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