What is Hairy Crab (Mao Xie)?

April 19, 2019

What is Hairy Crab (Mao Xie)? Hairy Crab or Mao Xie, is a green ball oolong that is lightly oxidized, and grown in Anxi county of Guangdong Province.  The cup is lightly floral, citrus and green fruit notes that remind of magnolia, yuzu, and sweet melon.  The profile is a little similar to green tea, exhibiting vegetal and slightly buttery notes.  This type of oolong is of the Tieguanyin type, and is sometimes classed as a jade oolong. 

The name “hairy crab” originates from the fact that this oolong has fine hairs on the tea leaves, and from the way this style of oolong tends to be formed into irregular shapes when rolled, with curled pieces of stem and leaf projecting from some of the leaves depicting a small crab.  The shape originates from the deeply serrated leaves of the particular varietal of the tea plant used to produce this oolong, giving the appearance of claws.

If this particular tea piques your interest, then it can be found within our Edmon’s selection, located behind the counter in a bright, gold tin.